Project ENTREE100

The research project ENTREE100 aims to realize the energy-turnaround comprehensively for the first time, by utilization of Powert-to-X-technologies. Our objective is complete supply from renewable energies. Therefore our work areas include technology research, development and demonstration in the area of hydrogen technology, direct synthesis of green, chemical base-products, technical and systemical integration, including IT-structures and heat distribution, and analysis of beaureaucratic, legal and educational aspects as well as socio-economical and socio-ecological evaluations.

Project ENTREE100 brings together the combined talents of:

  • 8 universities (with 17 various departments)
  • 4 research institutes
  • 8 large corporations
  • 3 medium enterprises
  • 12 small businesses
  • 3 educational institutes

Among this huge R&D project APT LLC was selected to develop and build its first storage power plant in the megawatt-class.


Adiabatic Compresses Air Energy Storage (ACAES)

Essential for a turnaround towards renewable energy with security of supply are:

1. Generation from renewables (e.g.. wind power, solar power, biomass, waterpower)

2. Improvements in energy efficiency (e.g. LED lighting, condensing boilers, thermal insulation of buildings)

3. Grid expansion and smart grids (e.g.. load management, balancing power)

4. Energy storage (e.g.. ACAES, hydro storage, H2O-fuell cell, Power-to-Gas)




Supported by a Hessian initiative for energy research, APT has developed Adiabatic Compressed Air Energy Storage (ACAES) and built a prototype into a 40’-container. In collaboration with our project partner EUROPIPE, LLC and TÜV Hessen, industrially manufactured steel pipes were qualified as cyclically loaded pressure vessels. That way we created a modular system, from which large pressure vessels can now be built using state-of-the-art pipeline technology. Independently, since 2012 APT has developed and financed a new technical process for storage and recovery of heat. This was made possible by a generous patent grant from the federal government. We announced our concept to the public at Japan-Center, Frankfurt, on 12/12/2013 and presented the proof-of-concept at Hannover Messe 2015 for the first time.


Projekte Dieses Projekt wird im Rahmen von Hessen ModellProjekte aus Mitteln der Energietechnologieoffensive Hessen - Projektförderung in den Bereichen Energieerzeugung, Energiespeicherung, Energietransport und Energieeffizienz gefördert.



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