Storage power plantStorage power plant



Compressed air energy storage – schematics

Heat recovery is the central problem in compressed air energy storage.

During compression a large amount of electric energy is converted into heat.

In the APT-process heat of compression is stored separately from compressed air.

During expansion compressed air regains stored heat and drives turbines.

Good overall efficiency (closed cycle from electricity to electricity) results from heat recovery.


APT ACAES advantages

Storage power plantDecentralized storage minimizes transportation losses and grid fees


Storage power plantConsists of four industrially manufactured and proven components


Storage power plantEconomies of scale, system gets more cost-efficient with power and size


Storage power plantPositive and negative balancing power, grid frequency stabilization


Storage power plantPower and/or storage capacity according to customer demand


Storage power plantDurable, eco-friendly and with high recycling value


Storage power plantBetter overall efficiency than H2O/fuel cell or power-to-gas


Storage power plantBetter cost-efficiency than battery or hydrogen storage


Storage power plantHorizontal above/below ground or vertical construction

Images: Storage power plant construction





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